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Imusify App - Wait For Its Release

Imusify plans to release an official marketplace application in the future. We plan to do this sometime in early or mid-2023.

The goal of the Imusify app is to connect aspiring musicians and music fans to the smart contract frontend of the blockchain music projects that have partnered with us. We intend to become the global hub for everything related to blockchain music.

You can think of Imusify as something similar to Upwork, but web3-focused and focusing on the musicians. Everything will be built using web3 frontend language (such as web3.js).

However, not everybody will be able to deploy their smart contracts to our Imusify app. We will filter the bad actors that are plaguing the DeFi world nowadays. That means only our partners will be able to issue smart contracts and promote themselves on the front end.

Do not mistake the idea of filtering with centralization. While we fully support decentralization, a niche category in the web3 industry must start with official partners, or else it will repeat the same mistake that many smaller DeFi teams have made.

We believe we can achieve this as long as the demand for music and blockchain-related services exists.

Here is the workflow of the upcoming Imusify app page:

Imusify app workflow

Why Build An App For Crypto Music Industry:


Objectives Of The App:


The app will first be issued in the web app version utilizing Next.js + web3.js. A few months after this, we plan to issue the app on Google Play Store as well as Apple App Store.

The goal of the app is to get at least 5K active users, many of them supposed to be the music fans of the musicians since we plan to have social aspects as well (for example, support your musician and get featured on our app homepage).

Since this app is not intended to be a streaming platform, the server cost and the maintenance cost should be way cheaper than the likes of Spotify or even Audius (a crypto music streaming platform).

Imusify App Roadmap:

  • Imusify app will enter beta test in early or mid 2023, with web app going to be released before the others
  • By Q3 2023 we should be able to issue the mobile version of the app in Google Play Store
  • By Q4 2023 we will issue the mobile app in Apple App Store
  • By mid 2024 we plan to have at least 5K active users and at least hundreds of active musicians utilizing our platform
  • We plan to get some funds after we have active users who can vouch for our app

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