I told you so

Mark Green Hits Back at Doyle

Many of us Mark Green supporters have been waiting for him to strike back at Jim Doyle's constant barrage of attack ads. With today's ruling against him in liberal Dane County by a Doyle-appointed judge he has to know the rules of the game are being rigged by his opponents. Now, Green has struck back. I hope this is just the beginning. The next ad should feature one Georgia Thompson who's going to federal prison for rigging a state travel contract toward a big Doyle contributor.

The Green campaign will move the questioned $467,844 into a separate account leaving Jim Doyle with that much more of a financial advantage. Please donate to Mark Green. Wisconsin doesn't deserve four more years of Doyle's ethical treachery.


Smashing the words "female" and "weblog" into the peculiar amalgam "fem-blog" has set off the Left-wing weblog Firedoglake. The utterer of the verbal creation, Sen. Susan Collins' Director of Internet Strategy, Lance Dutson, called the weblog "the foul-mouthed fem-blog FiredogLake." The Rutgers basketball player suing Don Imus has more of a case of being offended.

"Fem-blog." Yes, that's on par with the n-word and similar slurs.

FDL webloggers put on their best Jesus Christ poses:

Christy Hardin Smith, featured FDL blogger, said: "The sexist undertones used on Sen. Collins' blog are appalling - the use of "fem-blog" is erroneous and dismissive. Citizens in this country have a right - an obligation - to hold those who ask us for our votes accountable. Women have just as much right as men to speak up for their country and their families, whether Senator Collins likes that or not."

Dutson should have tossed out some homosexual slurs a la Ann Coulter. The FDLers would have exploded with blue state protoplasm splattering everywhere. If that happened at least they'd be justified. As an experiment Rush Limbaugh should call them "feminazis" just to see what would happen. It wouldn't be hateful as much as a social science experiment (and a damn entertaining one at that).

What other made-up names would drive FDL into a tizzy? "Dog Breath?" "Pinkos?" "Self-righteous, Left-wing crazies?" I want to be prepared for any delusions of self-importance should I write something the Leftosphere deems politically incorrect.