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About IMU token

IMU Tokens

IMU - a NEP5 standard utility token.

ϑ IMU tokens are used as the engine to support imusify’s multi-layered, decentralized music economy. This will create an immense potential value for the token’s use throughout imusify’s infiltration into the industry.

Through our smart reward and compensation system, ϑ IMU is either rewarded for contribution to the platform, or used as a currency for exchanging digital assets and services. By establishing trust and transparency between artists, supporters, fans, and industry service providers; a vibrant ecosystem emerges.

See whitepaper
See whitepaper

The Problem

Today’s music industry is broken

Stack representing all the stakeholders in the music industry

The inefficiencies of centralization

The rapid transition to digital media has led to a diminishing rate of return for artists. The exploitation artists currently experience is a result of the extreme inefficiencies that lie within the current centralized music industry. Lack of transparency within the system has led to lost revenues, misattribution of ownership, and ineffective licensing processes. Not only are artists struggling to earn a fair and sustainable income, but large organizations continue to grow and withhold unfair portions of revenue through exploitation of artists and their creative content.

All the new stakeholders in the music industry represented by nodes

Connection Failure

Music is more available to global users than ever before but the disconnect between music creators, collaborators and shareholders is growing, making it more challenging to fairly exchange ideas and resources than ever before.

The Solution

A FULLY Decentralized Music Marketplace

IMU Tokens

imusify uses a combination of innovative protocols and frameworks to facilitate direct peer-to-peer connection between artists, fans, and other stakeholders. The platform integrates the best practices of traditional crowdfunding, streaming, media sharing, economic and social networks. This way, imusify eliminates the need for existing intermediaries, resolving inefficiencies, providing transparency, and ensuring everybody is fairly rewarded for their contribution. Use cases include artist crowdfunding, transparent artist royalty payments, incentivized content curation, open-source development and network collaboration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know people have lots of questions. So we’ve put together a comprehensive list of FAQs for your convenience. But in case you don't find your question here, just get in touch with us.


If you'd like to know more about how imusify works, and why it was created, our whitepaper might help.

Inside we explore more the more technical parts of how our new music economy works, why the music industry is struggling to support the artists it relies on, and how NEOs smart economy is the perfect platform to help artists manage their music.

Read our whitepaper


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